Website Development progress report (updated Monday 7 November 2012 at 10:30)

Below is my progress report based on the ideas we discussed when we met and the images /  information you have uploaded to DropBox. I hope the work so far fits with what you had in mind.

I will update the report as I complete tasks. Do get in touch regarding any ammendments, additions or deletions you want. This is not a complete list and will change over time.


Done ...

  • Set up / pay Gold subscription for 1 year from 5 October 2012. Adverts off.
  • End website host contract with FreeStart (before 19th November 2012 / stop annual payment (phone).
  • Set up transfer of Domain URL to Calico UK (IPS code).
  • Pay transfer fee to FreeStart.
  • Sort the website top banner image (based on painting) and the title as discussed.
  • Finalise colour scheme discussed >>
  • Sort footer (copyright), Sort Data Protection Policy and link (Data Protection Act 1988) >>
  • Sort sea cat cartoon ready to use >>
  • Set up / publish flavicon (see small icon in web tab  / web address line).
  • Set up / publish basic Welcome page (subject to review / change).
  • Set up / publish map link and map location (top right column).
  • Sort background, columns and button (off / on) colours.
  • Develop draft Welcome Gallery (SWF) from marketing images (DropBox) to demo.
  • Set up / publish Blog and News pages for testing - to check which best suits.
  • Set up / published initial Information, Contact & Location pages (subject to review / change).
  • Set up Admin login for Lynda Hughes; editing rights - blog, news.

Next (before Friday 9 November 2012) ...

  • Create / develop site map (proposal).
  • Develop footer banner.
  • Publish Newsletter (form) page (subject to review / change).
  • Set up / publish Cat Adoption and other pages (subject to review / change).
  • Revise site map as needed.
  • Develop Administrator Help for editing 'module'page.
  • Develop Meta Tags list for search engine marketing and test.
  • Do Google testing and other search engines for marketing (good hit rate).

And beyond (before Friday 23 November 2012) ...

  • Develop cat cartoon theme through out site with links.
  • Set up / use @culbincats.co.uk email address for site contact (forwarding).
  • Develop a more detailed contact form / database of contacts if needed.
  • Source / transfer all existing contact / emails to Newlsetter database.
  • Develop Newsletter template to fit with site.
  • Develop Availability page?
  • Check out basket / payment online / costs and options for limited online shopping.


David Tidmarsh

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